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Gold is Money

Gold is Money

For more than 5,000 years.
The current money system arrangement is neither sustainable nor fair.
Gold is the enemy of all paper currency systems because it stands in the way of the perfidious process of politically inspired devaluation. Paper money, which is legal tender and can be printed at will, infringes proprietary rights. History has shown that societies which safeguard citizens' property are rewarded with economic success and peace.

Gold is a Currency

In contrast to gold money, which is accepted voluntarily, the expansion of the money supply by monopoly organisations, i.e. the central banks, and the fractional reserve system operated by the commercial banks, leads to unfair redistribution unless there is a significant increase in output.
The first recipients of this artificially increased money supply, i.e. the nation and the finance industry, benefit at the expense of future consumers. This great injustice can only lead to conflicts. The value of paper currencies is based on the fact that there is a legal requirement of acceptance. If people are forced by law to do things that they would never do voluntarily the consequences will also be abnormal.

Holding gold: an act of personal responsibility

Throughout history, all experiments with paper money have failed miserably. Honest savers, who see their purchasing power eroded by this wanton devaluation, are not simply the losers, they have been cheated. Personal responsibility provides the best protection as even in matters of money the more elaborate way of think for yourself and decide for yourself has proven itself.

Gold: safeguarding purchasing power

Before the First World War, money was defined in terms of gold and silver grams. One Swiss Franc was equivalent to 0.29032 grams of fine gold. If, today, for example, you pay CHF 130 in paper money for a 10 Franc Gold Vreneli (2.9032 grams pure gold), this only underlines the loss in purchasing power of the unsecured paper money supply that can be increased at will.

Gold: respect for history

Originally the Swiss Franc was defined in terms of gold and silver grams. One Franc was equivalent to 0.29032 grams of fine gold. With the establishment of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), the Swiss Franc was only considered to be an alternative to gold, even from a legal point of view. It wasn't until the outbreak of World War I and changes to the law that evolved over a lengthy period that politicians managed to decouple the Swiss Franc from gold and convert it to a pure paper currency. Today, as for all currencies, the Swiss Franc is only secured by debt and, like all other paper money, serves only to safeguard special interests. The magic word is referred to as the theft of purchasing power. Inflation, which can only be brought about by the central and commercial banks, destroys the all important pricing system and even whole societies.
History has taught us that all unsecured paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, in other words, ZERO. To doubt this, or even deny that it is so, is to question history. This is not to be recommended as its verdict is clear. Gold is money – real money.

Respekt vor der Geschichte - Was wir von unseren Urvätern lernen könnten

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